Must See TV: Anxiety and Me

I watched Nadiya: Anxiety and Me on BBC via catch up today and wanted to say well done and how proud I am of you Nadiya!

I can understand how nervous you were doing this documentary. Like you, and thousands of other men and women, we seem confident/happy on the outside, to our friends and family, but on the inside, feel nervous/insecure/anxious.

Lots of women suffer from anxiety and not aware of it. We read things online but everyone is different and we don’t necessarily have the same systems, but common symptoms as I have, are: chest pains, feeling like I cannot breathe, cold sweats, being scared and want to hide.

I too have severe anxiety, keeping busy, wanting to be in control, hiding when severely anxious, slight OCD, having routines, not very good at accepting compliments and constantly, constantly “worry” about anything and everything for the sake of worrying.

We do need to talk about it more and NOT be ashamed or embarrassed. I always thought and was told I had depression but knew I wasn’t depressed.

If you haven’t watched the documentary, please do, as you might understand your nearest and dearest ❤️