2020 is my Year

We are mid January already. Can you believe it !

A very busy Christmas season and very humble to work with some amazing gift wrappers and supplying customised wrapping paper for ICON at the 02  (see our Instagram page)

So my friends, in 5 days time I will be 50. I will have achieved my half century. Everyone I've spoken to over the last couple of weeks has been asking me one question - what would you like? Health, Wealth and Happiness are my wish (yes, I know, thats 3 things, but hey, I'm 50). So how am I feeling reaching 50!

As most of my friends know, I've been very buoyant about the approach to 50 over the past 6 months as we have a wonderful weekend planned in June. But, I've actually been feeling a bit sad. I know its got nothing to do with the number, but a lot to do with the milestone.

The Missing - Although I'm trying to be positive and look forward to my coming celebrations, I cannot help in looking back and thinking of the years that have come and gone, people I have shared some wonderful times with and how lucky I am. But, more than anything, I would love my mum to be here and say "50, you'll always be my little girl" "50 is just a number" "I love you" and to still be my Dads "Angel".

You always think your parents will never die, they are eternal. How wrong was i?

So thats the sad bit that is on my mind this week. The good thing is that I have always been a keeper of cards, photos, school reports etc (my husband would say I am a hoarder). So, I have looked today through an old box of items from my Mum which has made me smile.

I am blessed with 2 beautiful boys and a loving husband who make me feel loved and secure, and am so looking forward to my birthday weekend with them.

The next decade - I have lots of wonderful dates in the diary, theatre trips, concerts, travelling and having the best time ever is also on the cards. I need to get organised and stop indulging myself and put those interesting projects in hand and enjoy. Enjoy and appreciate the next 50 years ...