March 2020 - Blog by All Wrapped Up

March 2020 – Blog by Allwrappedupuk


Hey all, 

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We’re all going through something new and maybe a little anxious. We are all going to have worries about our family’s health, finances and businesses. 

We do not know how things are going to go over the next few months, BUT, there is a lot we can do.

Stay home, stay safe, stay positive, don’t panic, take advantage of this time to exercise daily either outside or inside. This is wonderful for us physically and mentally. There are many YouTube classes available which I have found easy to follow.  

Personally, I have been cooking, de-cluttering, cleaning and exercising as I need to stay active.

Both my sons are home and they have been struggling. No 1 Son who is 19 is keeping busy watching Netflix, singing and completing his coursework. No 2 Son who is 16 is finding it tough. He, the same as thousands of other 16 year olds will not be taking their GCSE’s (sigh of relief I hear you say). Albeit they haven’t the possible stress of sitting the exams over a 4-week period, they will miss their last day of school, Prom, structure and routine in daily school life with their friends, sports and the unknown of results due mid-August!!! BTW, this also applies to Year 12 students taking A Levels – Very sad time for all of them xxxx

We wish them well and good luck with their results